JERiS, Journal of Educational Research and Indigenous Studies, is a academic, peer-reviewed, open-access journal publishing high-quality scientific articles in the fields of education and related indigenous study fields.
The journal publish research manuscripts in the fields of education and indigenous study which would be of interest to Malaysian an international readership. The aim of the journal is to publish high quality manuscripts that are of international significance in terms of design and/or findings by encouraging the collaboration with international teams of researchers to create special issues on these topics. Papers accepted for publication are double-blind refereed to ensure academic integrity and quality.

Focus and Scope

Journal of Education Research and Indigenous Studies (JERiS) is a professional journal devoted to addressing current issues and future research in education and related current issues in education and indigenous study issues. The aim of the journal is to strive to strengthen connections between research and practice within the field of education and indigenous study.

Journal Aim

JERiS mission is to share and enhance academic research by working to develop and maintain competence, ethics and integrity and the highest academic research standards in the specialty for the benefit of the educators, researchers and public. The Journal of Educational Research and Indigenous Studies (JERiS) also to promote and publish original articles in the relevant field of Education and indigenous studies and aims to reduce the gap between research,knowledge and practice. The Journal contribute to the development of theory and practice of this domains. Accepts academic papers, case studies, articles that contribute to current research areas mentioned.

Scopes of the journal :

Educations leadership
Curriculum and Instruction
Educational Methods and Practice
Educational Psychology
Educational Technology
Higher Education
Childhood Education
21st Century Learning
Learning, Teaching & Training
Evaluation in Educations
Islamic Educations
Social sciences
Indigenous Studies
Indigenous Pedagogy
Indigenous Management

Publication Fee
JERiS all of the content is freely available without charge to the researcher/author.

Publication Frequency
Journal of Educational Research and Indigenous Study (JERiS) published (2 issue) journal per year.

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